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IPI Pathotape®

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IPI Pathotape® coverslipping film
IPI Pathotape coverslipping film

The cellulose-based coverslipping film is characterized by its unique flexibility. Therefore the specimen is covered airtightly and it is reliably protected from dust, humidity or accidental contact.

A long-term storage of the preparation without loss of quality is guaranteed.

The special "VarioTexture" surface structure allows an improved adhesion over a long period of time without any effects on the high transparency of the film after the coverslipping procedure. Even after long storage of the preparation, no clouding or disruptive structural changes occur and the tissue sample presents itself in excellent transparency and optical performance for microscopic analysis.

Since the use of cover glasses or additional mounting mediums is unnecessary, the IPI-Pathotape® is the time-saving, cost-effective and save alternative in daily laboratory routine.


IPI Pathotape coverslipping film
  • Free of aromatic solvent
  • Soluble
  • No scratches and white spots
  • No chipping at the edges and extreme low level of slitting dust
  • Broad storage temperature range: 5°C - 30°C
  • Excellent transparency and optical performance without long term formation of disruptive structures
  • Completely manufactured in Germany under clean room conditions.
  • Minimum shelf life: 12 months after manufacturing
  • 24mm x 70m provides 1400 slides per roll (50mm)

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