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SuperFrost® Plus

silanized, permanently positively charged

SuperFrost® Plus
  • For tissue sections of 2-5 micron thicknesses
  • Surface modified slide (permanent positively charged)
  • Excellent cell adhesion at cytocentrifugal preparation of standard smears for diagnosis of cervical cancer (pap smear)
  • Very suitable for adhesion of fresh frozen sections or formalin-fixed tissue sections
  • No blue or red background staining with hematoxylin and eosin staining
  • No brown background staining when executing immunoperoxidase or in-situ DNA hybridization methods
  • Stronger enzyme action without loss of tissue sections possible
  • No application of additional adhesives or protein coatings necessary

Product types of SuperFrost® Plus slides:

dimensions 1 x 25 x 75 mm thickness 1 mm, thickness tolerance +/- 0.05 mm

  • 90 ° ground edges, white frosted

Additional corner conditioning or alternative colors of the labeling field on request. Package of 72 pieces in plastic boxes and cellophane and 1.440 pieces in a stable shipping box.

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