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Slides with synthetic polyamide coating.


Slides with synthetic polyamide coating. The permanent cell and tissue adhesion is ensured by positively charged anchor points on polyamide. Time consuming coating steps are unnecessary. The coating is particularly suitable for:

  • Fresh frozen sections
  • For 2-5 micron thick tissue sections
  • Formalin or alcohol fixed paraffin sections
  • Cytology smears
  • Cytocentrifuge preparations
  • Bouin fixed tissue for contrast staining of nuclei
  • Fixed tissue without cross connections

Polysine™ slides are not affected by enzymes or heating effects and are therefore suitable for immunocytochemical and molecular hybridization assays on cell preparations or paraffin embedded tissue sections. They offer optimal adhesion by use of immunocytochemical methods and in-situ DNA hybridization methods.

Elaborate coloring sequences don’t lead to cell loss in cytological specimens through advanced chemical bonding to the slide.

Polysine™ slides are used by molecular biologists, cell immunologists, research anatomists and in surgical molecular biology.

Product versions of Polysine™ slides

dimensions 1 x 25 x 75 mm thickness 1 mm, thickness tolerance +/- 0.05 mm

  • 90 ° ground edges, white frosted

Custom colors of the labeling field on request. Package of 72 pieces in plastic boxes and cellophane and 1.440 pieces in a stable shipping box.

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