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Superfrost® / Colorfrost®

Slides for Microscopy

Superfrost® / Colorfrost®

SuperFrost® represents an unambiguous identification system of histological or pathological preparations in scientific or medical institutes and laboratories.

The opaque label area (in different colors white, blue, pink, yellow, green, orange and purple) allows an unambiguous assignment of the preparations according to urgency, staining technique or method of investigation.

SuperFrost® / Colorfrost®
Surface modification no
Dimentions 1 x 26 x 76 mm (according ISO 8037/I)
Glass quality Extra white soda lime silicate glass with very low iron content
Adhesion slides no
Size of tissue sections no Specification
Unambiguous identification yes

The colored coating of the marking field is resistant to the use of common solvents and can be labeled safe with our special laboratory markers.

The slight difference in level of the labeling field of the remaining slide also prevents scratching and sticking of several glasses.

As a special design SuperFrostt® slides can be individually labeled. Please ask for an inkjet printed label area!

An easy use in laboratory automation systems is state of the art.

Product types of SuperFrost® slides:

dimensions 1 x 26 x 76 mm thickness 1 mm (according ISO 8037/I), thickness tolerance +/- 0.05 mm

Labeling field in white (A), blue (B), green (C), yellow (D), Pink (E), orange (F) or purple (G)

Product name Product type
K 70 ground edges
K 80 ground edges 45 °
K 90 ground edges 90 °

Packaged by 50 pieces in fiber free cartons or 5,000 pieces in a stable shipping carton. The slides are available in cellophane packaging.

The slides (OT) are available in three types of packaging:

  1. OT in cellophane,
  2. OT in box and cellophane or,
  3. OT in tropical package
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